A Saltgirl Story

I am lucky enough to be good friends with Tara Estes who founded Saltgirl.  Both of us were born in Fort Bragg, California and have been in fishing families since we were born. I was born a Saltgirl.  I used to follow my grandfather up and down the docks in the Noyo Mooring Basin.  My fondest  memories were going out to sea with him on his salmon boat the Don Mory.  I believe in the fishing industry and sustainable fishing.  My grandfather was one of the founding father's of Salmon Unlimited and our family has worked hard to help preserve the fishing industry.  I am a member of the Noyo Women for Fisheries and I believe that all of us are Saltgirls if we love the way we feel when we listen to the sounds of the sea.

Tara created Saltgirl Apparel to represent the women in our fishing communities, a clothing line that specifically celebrates our Saltgirls, pillars of their communities, foundations of their families.  Whether you're pulling in crab pots or catching a yoga class, we want to provide comfortable, functional clothing that lets you sport your Fishergirl Tuff and celebrate your inner Saltgirl.