A Saltgirl Story

I was born a Saltgirl.  My family has worked in the fishing industry for generations.  My siblings and I were deck-rats underfoot as my dad built his boat, and we grew up living and working on the water.  My father passed his legacy on to my brothers, and today, they continue the tradition, fishing the Pacific Northwest.  I've been a deckhand myself on quite a few occasions.  One summer salmon season, I joined my brother for a voyage up the Oregon and Washington coasts, into Alaska.  At each port we visited, I was privileged to meet the inspiring families of fisherfolk who made up these close-knit fishing communities; they all seemed to share the same hearty resilient spirit.  I was particularly inspired by the sea-women I met; those who worked on the water themselves, and those matriarchs who managed home and family single-handedly while their fishermen were out at sea.  I created Saltgirl Apparel to represent the women in our fishing communities, a clothing line that specifically celebrates our Saltgirls, pillars of their communities, foundations of their families.  Whether you're pulling in crab pots or catching a yoga class, we want to provide comfortable, functional clothing that lets you sport you Fishergirl Tuff and celebrate your inner Saltgirl.