Farmgirl Story

Farming has been an integral part of America since before time.  Working the land and cultivating crops is something that many Americans have participated in for hundreds of years.  Farming has been a major economic basis for communities across California and America, and it provides food and protein for families everywhere.  Farmgirl Apparel represents the women in the farming industry throughout America and beyond.

Not only was I born a Saltgirl, but I was born a farmgirl as well. The Boatyard Shopping Center in Fort Bragg, California used to be part of my great, great grandparents dairy farm, known as the Todd Dairy.  It spanned from the Noyo Bridge to the Hare Creek Bridge, and from the ocean to the harbor.  I used to help milk cows, work in the barns, and do what needed to be done around the family farm.  The dairy quit operating before I was born, but we still farmed for our family and many coastal families.  The original dairy house still sits on the corner of Highway 1 and Highway 20. I learned how to drive on the farm, and the ‘54 Chevy on the Farmgirl Apparel  line is the truck I learned to drive in, while working in the field.  

We still have the Chevy today and it is one of the iconic trucks from the 50’s.  It has personal meaning to me, but also to many families who had one of these trucks on their farm. Farmgirls are tough ladies who love the land, and believe in working hard to make their dreams come true.  We don’t have to live on a farm to be Farmgirl Tuff; it is a state of mind.